I’ve finally started a blog….

Several people over the years have said I should start a blog. This usually occurs after I have had a rant or ramble about something on Facebook that has amused them. I didn’t think a blog, full of my random musings, would be particularly amusing or useful for anyone. I felt my blog should actually be about something…. something that might be mildly interesting to someone. So here it is. I am going to document this 39 year old single Mums journey in to becoming a tattoo artist. Yes, that’s old to be starting a brand new career, but I don’t care, because its never too late to follow your dreams, and if an amazing opportunity comes along, grab it by the balls and follow it!….There is just a lot more sacrifices to be made and hurdles to leap. Now you can hear my rantings and watch me fall on my face trying to finally squeeze what I want out of this life with a tattooed themed background!… Lucky ‘ol you!


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